The Listening Program

The Listening Program is a music listening therapy that provides engaging brain stimulation to improve auditory processing. The psychoacoustically modified music and patent-pending production techniques are designed to stimulate, or “exercise” the different functions of the auditory processing system. This enables the brain to better receive, process, store and utilize the valuable information provided through the varied soundscapes in our lives such as music, language and the environment in which we live.

When auditory perception is distorted—whether through illness, injury, developmental or other challenges—auditory processing problems can lead to academic, emotional, cognitive and social challenges, including problems with the following:

    • Learning and attention difficulties
    • Auditory processing difficulties
    • Dyslexia
    • Autism/Aspergers
    • ADD / ADHD
    • Reading and Spelling difficulties

Whether you are interested in improving brain health for longevity, expanding your own abilities or helping someone you care about, TLP can make a significant difference.

As a certified provider we are able to provide tailored programs.  We have found the Listening Program to be an easy-to-use intervention that can bring about lasting change.

Testimonials of children who had positive outcomes using TLP…

Sophie has a diagnosis of Autism. She was diagnosed at the age of three and has been attending Occupational Therapy with Adele Suda since she was 4. She is now 5 and attends Prep school with some support. She initially had limited language skills, poor eye contact and did not engage with others.

Sophie started on The Listening Program at the beginning of the year. This is her mother’s account of her progress.

‘Just after a few weeks of listening to the music, Sophie became more aware of her environment: it was easier to get her reaction, she started to notice much more watching out of the car window and so on.

Sophie was under responsive to smell. Even strong smell or bad smell did not bother her. After about 11 weeks on the program I noticed that Sophie could sense different smells. I found it out when I was giving her valerian to calm her down, she rejected to take it and before this was not a problem.

During listening to disc 5 and 6, Sophie started to talk much more and was using sentences and phrases, not just single words as usual. A little bit later Sophie started calling me ‘mum’, every time she talked to me. Now it is normal for her to address people by their name (Mum, Dad etc). For 4 ½ years I was waiting for my girl to call me mum, but now I can hear this all day!

Sophie’s speech is still improving. She is picking up more and more and it seems she does it easier. She repeats less. Now she is trying to find the answers herself. Now she can answer questions about her school day and she told me what she was doing that day. Before she only used single words or just silence.

Sophie was a terrible sleeper. If she woke up at night she would not get back to bed. Now when she wakes, she comes to my bed, asks me something and then just falls asleep again. It makes our life much happier. Now we can sleep at night!!

Sophie could not draw very well. Now she has big improvement. She is now drawing pictures with quite small details. She is trying to write letters and sometimes with reasonable success. Firstly she started to draw a man, now she is drawing pictures such as food, garden, beach etc.

We are very pleased with Sophie’s progress and look forward to more achievements as she continues on the Listening Program.’ Olga Chapman (Sophie’s mum).

My son Jarrad (13 years) has always struggled with his learning. When he commenced prep his teacher noticed how he would struggle with class tasks but when a teacher aid sat beside him and he was helped one on one he did far better. Tests conducted on Jarrad revealed that his hearing was down and grommets were inserted. Three sets were needed over the next couple of years. Jarrad has had help in the way of Speech Pathologist, Learning support, Tutors and numerous learning programs. In year 3 he was diagnosed with Auditiory Processing. Over the years we continued with tutors and lots of extra work but Jarrad continued to struggle and fall further and further behind.

It was heart breaking to see his twin sister breeze through her work and Jarrad trying so hard but getting nowhere. Jarrad is such a lovely caring sensitive boy and has a excellent attitude. He has put up with me taking him to all sorts of specialists and doing extra work and programs over the years.

When I first went to Adele, Jarrad was really over it all. Adele was great and the exercises and games were made fun and Jarrad didn’t mind doing them.  I had heard of the listening program a couple of years ago  and thought how good it sounded but because it was in South Australia  I worried about having support with it so I discarded the idea. When Adele mentioned she was taking it on and I jumped at the chance. Jarrad was keen because he didn’t see it as work. Jarrad started listening to the music at the end of last year.

When he started year 8 this year he came home all excited saying that he could concentrate more and things were starting to make sense. He recently had a maths test at school and did really well.  He came home the other day with a huge beaming smile telling me that all the kids in his maths class say he is smart. His report card came home with B+ his highest mark and C his lowest. I couldn’t believe it. I use to think of Jarrads brain as a treasure chest and I needed to find the key to unlock it. I believe the listening program was the key.